Offertory Hymns

Typically, the congregational singing of an offertory hymn accompanies the offertory procession. Whether the gifts are being carried in a procession or not, singing forms an essential part of this rite, often serving as an emotionally resonant element for the worshippers.

With a collection of 44 comprehensive lists, worshippers are blessed with a rich variety of offertory hymns and songs during the Catholic mass, which are resonantly sung across churches in time of offering. Some of the notable ones include...

Additionally, a unique feature of the Mass Songs in the Catholic faith is the availability of hymn chords that accompany each set of lyrics, allowing for a more immersive spiritual experience.

  1.  We Offer You Bread And Wine
  2.  Lord, Accept This Bread And Wine
  3.  'We Offer You'
  4.  Accept, O Father, In Thy Love
  5.  A Gift We Give, Lord
  6.  Bless Now, O Heavenly Father
  7.  Take Thou The Offering
  8.  In Bread, We Bring You, Lord
  9.  Blessed Are You, Lord God
  10.  Bread And Wine We Bring To You
  11.  Accept, Almighty Father
  12.  Blessed Be Our God
  13.  What Can We Bring
  14.  Behold The Bread, O Lord
  15.  Humbly We Come
  16.  Abba Father, Let Us Be Yours
  17.  Lift Up Your Hands
  18.  Lord, Make Us Ready
  19.  On The Paten
  20.  To You, O Father Above
  21.  What Can We Offer You
  22.  Look Upon Our Offerings
  23.  Father, In Whose Life We Live
  24.  All That I Am
  25.  Gifts Of Bread And Wine
  26.  Our Gifts Of Bread And Wine
  27.  We Come To Your Feast
  28.  Almighty God, We Offer Thee
  29.  All That We Have
  30.  On This Day Of Joy
  31.  Take Our Bread
  32.  Blessed Be God
  33.  Lord Accept The Gifts We Offer
  34.  Blessed Are You, Lord God Of All Creation
  35.  United In One Body
  36.  Almighty Father, Lord Most High
  37.  Father, Take The Gifts We Bring
  38.  Bring Bread
  39.  Lift Up Your Hands And Offer
  40.  In The Simplicity Of My Heart
  41.  Take This Bread
  42.  Lord, We Offer You These Gifts
  43.  O God, We Give Ourselves Today
  44.  The Earth Is His

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  • The Earth Is His

    The earth is his and all it holds, its wealth
    and boundless harvest his, the bright sun his,
    the moon and stars that burn in fiery ritual.

    Bright gold of wheat, the purple grape, earth’s gift
    to us, his gift to earth, in symbol of our gratitude
    with bread, with wine, we worship him.

    Accept our gift, our food, our drink, and with
    them, Lord, our words and deeds, ourselves and
    souls: we offer these, returning all your gifts to you.

  • O God, We Give Ourselves Today

    O God, we give ourselves today with bread
    and wine to thee, the self-same gift which
    thy dear Son gave once on Calvary.

    Entire and whole, our life and love with heart
    and soul and mind, for all our sins and faults
    and needs thy Church and humankind.

    With humble and with contrite heart this bread
    and wine we give because thy Son once gave
    himself, and died that we might live.

    O Lord, who took our human life, as water
    mixed with wine, grant through this sacrifice
    that we may share thy life divine.

  • Lord, We Offer You These Gifts

    Lord, we offer you these gifts.

    Look with favour, heavenly Father, on these simple
    gifts we bring. Bread and wine we place before you,
    make of them the food of life.

    Make them that true bread from heaven promised
    by your only Son; living bread that is his body,
    wine that is his saving blood.

  • Take This Bread

    Take this bread, take this wine as a promise
    as a sign. The life is yours, the love is mine
    let our life and love combine.

    Take this heart, it is yours, every struggle
    it endures, all the love it’s made to hold,
    all the warmth all the cold.

    Come among us in return, in your presence,
    may we learn that you and I and we are one,
    and a new life has begun.

  • In The Simplicity Of My Heart

    O Lord, my God, in the simplicity of my heart,
    joyfully I come to give you all, amidst your
    people gathered here: God of Israel,
    keep us ever faithful.

    O Lord, you do not ask for sacrifice and offering,
    then I said: “Here I am, I am coming.”

    In the scroll of the book, am I not commanded
    that I should obey your will, O Lord?