Recessional Songs

A popular list of recessional mass hymns/songs for Catholic Mass celebration. Recessional songs are typically performed as the congregation or participants leave the place of worship. These songs are chosen for their joyful and triumphant themes, symbolizing the idea of going forth with renewed spirit and purpose. They help create a sense of closure and unity among attendees, leaving them with a positive and memorable impression of the event.

  1. Go The Mass Is Ended
  2. Sent Forth By God’s Blessing
  3. Hungry, Thirsty, Lord, We Came
  4. Hand In Hand With Christ
  5. We Were Once In Darkness
  6. In The Peace Of Christ
  7. Son Of God
  8. Sons Of The Father
  9. Having Shared The Paschal Meal
  10. To The World We Go
  11. With A Song In Our Hearts
  12. Lead Us On, O Lord
  13. The Mass Is Ended
  14. Now Let Us From This Table Rise
  15. With Joy Let Us Go
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  • With Joy Let Us Go

    Thanks be to God.
    Gathered around the table of the Lord,
    we have listened to his word,
    we have eaten of the bread that was broken
    at the table as the token of the glory to come.
    With joy let us go into the world now singing:
    thanks be to God.

    I am sending you out like sheep to the pack of wolves.
    You must be as cautious as snakes and as gentle as doves.

    You shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout
    Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

  • Now Let Us From This Table Rise

    Now let us from this table rise renewed in body,
    mind, and soul; with Christ we die and live again,
    his selfless love has made us whole.

    With minds alert, upheld by grace, to spread
    the word in speech and deed, we follow in the steps
    of Christ, at one with us in hope and need.

  • The Mass Is Ended

    The Mass is ended, all go in peace,
    we must diminish and Chirst increase.
    We take him with us wherever we go,
    that through our actions his life may show.

    We witness his love to everyone
    by our communion with Christ the Son.
    We take the Mass to where one may be,
    so Christ may shine forth for all to see.

    Thanks to the Father who shows the way.
    His life within us throughout each day.
    Let all our living and loving be
    to praise and honour the Trinity.

  • Lead Us On, O Lord

    Lead us on, O Lord, lead us on. Lead us where
    we dare not go. Lead us on, O Lord, lead us on;
    be with us as we face new days.

    All of our lives, O Lord, all of our dreams,
    all that we are and hope to be,
    all of our strength is in our unity as one,
    all our danger is in discord.

  • With A Song In Our Hearts

    With a song in our hearts, we shall go on our way,
    to bring God’s love to everyone we meet today.

    Love, love, love is his name. {2}
    Great, great, great is his name. {2}