Entrance Hymns

The purpose of the Entrance Hymn is to open the celebration and encourage the unity of all who have gathered for the celebration of Mass. Introduce the community to thoughts about the mystery of the liturgical time and festivity. Also, accompanying the procession of the priests and ministers.

A popular list of entrance mass hymns/songs for Catholic Mass celebrations.
Also, get chords to hymns with each Mass Songs Catholic Lyrics.

  1. All People That On Earth
  2. All The Earth
  3. We Gather Here, O Lord
  4. How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place
  5. I Rejoiced When I Heard
  6. Jubilate, Everybody
  7. Just Like A Child
  8. Joy Was In My Heart
  9. Come To The Table Of The Lord
  10. What A Joy 
  11. I Am Thine, O Lord
  12. Sing All Creation, Sing To God
  13. Come Let Us Go
  14. We Celebrate
  15. Enter The House Of The Lord
  16. Here At This Table
  17. Gather Us Together
  18. Lord Our God
  19. Gather Us In
  20. I Rejoiced
  21. I Will Turn My Steps
  22. Song Of Praise
  23. Gathering Song
  24. As We Are Gathered
  25. Come To The Lord
  26. Come To The House
  27. Enter His Gates
  28. Gather Your People
  29. Jesus Is Tenderly Calling
  30. Great Is The Lord
  31. O Lord Of Hosts
  32. We Are Climbing Up
  33. We have Come Into His House
  34. Our Joy, O Lord, Is In You
  35. Let Us Go To The Altar
  36. Let Me Live In Your House
  37. To The Altar
  38. The Love Of Christ
  39. You Invite Us To Your Feast
  40. On We Go To Jerusalem
  41. Joy Was In My Heart
  42. How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place, O Lord
  43. Gather The People
  44. O God, Thy People Gather
  45. Come Before The Table
  46. All Things Are Thine
  47. We Are Gathering
  48. As We Gather
  49. Come On And Celebrate
  50. Lead Your Children, Jesus
  51. Children of the Lord
  52. Draw Near to God
  53. Who May Ascend To The Hill
  54. Come into His Presence
  55. Come, Ring Out Your Joy

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  • Come, Ring Out Your Joy

    Come, ring out your joy to the Saviour,
    alleluia, alleluia! Hail the rock who rescues
    his people, amen, alleluia!

    Let us come before him with thanks
    and with songs of joy,
    for he’s our king above other gods,
    the Lord of the earth and the heavens.

    Come, let’s bow and bend low before
    the Creator of life,
    for he’s our God and we are his flock,
    the people that feeds in his pasture.

    To the voice of the Lord today
    you must listen with care,
    O harden not your heart as before,
    but open your mind to the good news.

  • Come Into His Presence

    Come into his presence, singing,
    alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

    Jesus is Lord… Worthy the Lamb…
    Glory to God…

  • Who May Ascend To The Hill

    Who may ascend to the hill of the Lord
    and who may stand in his holy place?
    One who has been granted a pure heart,
    may ascend to the hill, may ascend to the hill,
    may ascend to the hill of the Lord.

    Cleanse my hands and my heart, O Lord,
    come and purify me in your love.
    Fill my life with your righteousness,
    so that I may ascend to your hill.

  • Draw Near To God

    Draw near to God and he’ll draw near to you. [ 2 ]
    He’ll draw near to you.

    Lift up holy hands to him and glorify his name.
    Open up your heart to him and praise him for his deeds.

    Humbly give yourself to him and fight the evil one.
    Realize your worthlessness: the Lord will raise you up.

    Harden not your heart today but listen to his voice.
    Place your trust in his commands: a lamp
    to guide your steps.

  • Children Of The Lord

    We are children of the Lord, gathered here
    to pray together. We are one within his love.
    This we know we’re certain of.

    Father, hear the song we sing, as we bring
    our world before you. Soon your Word will sow
    the seed, sow your strength within our need.

    Sing, O children, to the Lord. All the world
    is hushed and waiting, as we lift our hearts above,
    simply living in his love.