Entrance Hymns

The purpose of the Entrance Hymn is to open the celebration and encourage the unity of all who have gathered for the celebration of Mass. Introduce the community to thoughts about the mystery of the liturgical time and festivity. Also, accompanying the procession of the Priest and ministers.

A popular list of entrance mass hymns/songs for Catholic Mass celebration.

  1. All People That On Earth
  2. All The Earth
  3. We Gather Here, O Lord
  4. How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place
  5. I Rejoiced When I Heard
  6. Jubilate, Everybody
  7. Just Like A Child
  8. Joy Was In My Heart
  9. Come To The Table Of The Lord
  10. What A Joy 
  11. I Am Thine, O Lord
  12. Sing All Creation, Sing To God
  13. Come Let Us Go
  14. We Celebrate
  15. Enter The House Of The Lord
  16. Here At This Table
  17. Gather Us Together
  18. Lord Our God
  19. Gather Us In
  20. I Rejoiced
  21. I Will Turn My Steps
  22. Song Of Praise
  23. Gathering Song
  24. As We Are Gathered
  25. Come To The Lord
  26. Come To The House
  27. Enter His Gates
  28. Gather Your People
  29. Jesus Is Tenderly Calling
  30. Great Is The Lord
  31. O Lord Of Hosts
  32. We Are Climbing Up
  33. We have Come Into His House
  34. Our Joy, O Lord, Is In You
  35. Let Us Go To The Altar
  36. Let Me Live In Your House
  37. To The Altar
  38. The Love Of Christ
  39. You Invite Us To Your Feast
  40. On We Go To Jerusalem
  41. Joy Was In My Heart
  42. How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place, O Lord
  43. Gather The People
  44. O God, Thy People Gather
  45. Come Before The Table
  46. All Things Are Thine

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  • All You Who Are Thirsty

    All you who are thirsty, come to the water;all you who are hunger, come, receive grain;All without money, come without payingall you who heed me, come for rich fare. Come now and listen that you may have life;my covenant I will renew. This covenantshall be eternal as I promised to David. Drink of this water … Read more

  • All Things Are Thine

    All things are thine, O Lord:
    we offer thee what we receive from thy hand.

    Blessed art thou, O Lord, Israel’s God, for all ages.
    Thine is the power and glory and splendour.

    Thou art the ruler, Lord, over the earth and the
    heavens, only the hand gives greatness and strengthens.

    Therefore this day, O Lord, praises and thanks
    do we give thee; thy name be blessed
    for ever and ever.

  • Come Before The Table

    Come before the table of the Lord of hosts
    with all your lives in your hands.

    Come now, with hope and with gladness,
    friends of the risen Christ, all signed with his name;
    we have heard his word and we know that it’s joyful news.
    Now let us all draw near to share in his food.

    Come then, and bring him your sorrows,
    life is a road clogged with troubles and pain;
    Jesus was man, man who died but Lord who rose again;
    join in his saving meal and hope in his name.

  • O God, Thy People Gather

    O God, thy people gather, obedient to thy word,
    around thy holy altar to praise thy name, O Lord;
    for all thy loving kindness our grateful hearts we raise;
    but pardon first the blindness of all our sinful ways.

    Thou art our loving Father, thou art our holiest Lord,
    but we have sinned against thee by thoughts and
    deed and word. Before the court of heaven
    we stand and humbly pray our sins may be
    forgiven, our faults be washed away.

    Though sinful, we implore thee to turn
    and make us live; that so we may adore thee,
    and our due offering give; and the prayers
    and voices of thy glad people rise, as thy whole
    Church rejoices in this great sacrifice.

  • Gather The People

    Gather the people! Enter the Feast!
    All are invited, the greatest and least.
    The banquet is ready, now to be shared.
    Join in the heavenly feast that God has prepared.

    Around this table we dine as kin, beloved family
    of God. We share the Body of Christ, the Lord.
    Here we become what we eat.

    Around this table we tell great tales, the wondrous
    stories of grace. We hold the memory of Christ,
    the Lord. So we become what we eat.

    Around this table God’s bounty falls on all who
    hunger and thirst. We drink the fullness of Christ,
    the Lord. So we become what we eat.

  • How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place, O Lord

    How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord.
    What peace and joy to feel so close to you!
    Our heart and soul ring out their joy,
    this morning. We long to meet you,
    God, the living God!

    The sparrow even here has found a shelter
    the shallow by your altars builds a nest.
    O happy those whose dwelling is your temple,
    who day by day your praises sing, O Lord.

    One day within your courts indeed is better,
    than thousand days elsewhere afar from you,
    To wait upon the threshold of your temple,
    is better than to waste our life in vain.