Catholic Communion Songs

The purpose of the Communion Hymn is to express the spiritual union of the communicants and to bring out more clearly the ‘communitarian’ character of the procession to receive the Eucharist.

A popular list of communion mass hymns/songs for Catholic Mass celebration. Use these holy communion songs’ lyrics as the best references. These are traditional communion hymns we sing in the church.

Also, get chords to hymns with each Mass Songs Catholic Lyrics.

  1.  A Banquet Is Prepared
  2.  Song Of The Lamb
  3.  O Lord, I Will Sing
  4.  Fill My House Unto The Fullest
  5.  Jesus, Thou Art Coming
  6.  I Have Received The Living Bread
  7.  Bread Of Life
  8.  If We Eat Of The Lord
  9.  Yours Is The Kingdom
  10.  All You Who Hunger
  11.  Broken For Me
  12.  Come, O Lord, To My Heart
  13.  Come To The Table Of The Lord
  14.  I Am The Bread Of Life
  15.  Gift Of Finest Wheat
  16.  Father And Life-Giver
  17.  Take This, All Of You
  18.  Soul Of My Savior
  19.  Deep Calls To Deep
  20.  Come To My Heart
  21.  Come To Me And Eat
  22.  Food Of Angels
  23.  Seed Scattered And Sown
  24.  Now In This Banquet
  25.  Happy Are They
  26.  One Bread, One Body
  27.  To Be Your Bread
  28.  Children Of God
  29.  Five Thousand People
  30.  Break Thou The Bread Of Life
  31.  Banquet Of The Lord
  32.  O Lord, I Am Not Worthy
  33.  Come To The Water
  34.  Take, Eat
  35.  Lord, Enthroned In Heavenly Splendor
  36.  Christ’s Love For Us
  37.  Feed On Me
  38.  Let Us Be Bread
  39.  O Lord, I’m Not Worthy
  40.  Bread That Was Sown
  41.  That There May Be Bread
  42.  Shepherd Of Soul
  43.  In The Breaking Of The Bread
  44.  In Memory Of Jesus
  45.  O Lord With Wondrous Mystery
  46.  Bread Broken, Wine Shared
  47.  Song Of The Body Of Christ
  48.  Table Of Plenty
  49.  One Love Released
  50.  Lord, To Whom Shall We Go
  51.  Take And Eat
  52.  God’s Holy Gifts
  53.  When We Eat This Bread
  54.  Lord, To Whom Shall We Go
  55.  Our Blessing Cup
  56.  Companions On The Journey
  57.  May We Come To Know The Lord
  58.  We Come Today
  59.  Now We Remain
  60.  Taste And See
  61.  Bread For The World
  62.  The Eucharist Song
  63.  Come To Me And Drink
  64.  Take, Eat And Hunger No Longer
  65.  This Is Jesus
  66.  Lord, You Are My Everything
  67.  Take And Eat, Take And Eat
  68.  Come And Eat Of My Bread
  69.  Come To Me All Who Thirsty
  70.  Bread Of Life And Cup Of Hope

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  • Bread Of Life And Cup Of Hope

    Bread of life and cup of hope, we come as gift
    to you. Change our hearts; fill us with peace.
    Transform our lives anew. Open our eyes so that
    we might see your presence in one another. Your
    life, poured out in love today, unites us all in you.

    Loving Lord, Creator God, open our eyes to see
    the good that lives in each of us, that called the
    world to be. And when we fail to see the good,
    when friendships falter and crumble, give us the
    courage to forgive that we may live in peace.

    Living Word, O Son of God, your love shows us
    the way that we may live in harmony, and from
    you never stray. Wipe all oppression from our
    midst; give us a love for all people. your song
    of justice sing in us, to live for peace today.

  • Come To Me All Who Thirsty

    Come to me, all who thirsty and are weary.
    Come, be quenched at the fountain of freshness.
    Streams of living water will flow forth
    from my heart in abundance.

    If you but knew that a gift God is offering
    and who it is that has asked you for water.
    you’d be the one who would ask him
    to give you, that living water for eternal life.

    He who drinks of the water that I give him,
    never again will he seek other water.
    My gift will stay within him like a fountain
    that renews him in spirit.

    On the cross, while the Son of God lay hanging,
    he was pierced by the lance of a soldier;
    and from the very heart of the Saviour,
    lo, there came blood and water.

  • Come And Eat Of My Bread

    Come and eat of my bread.
    Come and drink of my wine.
    Come to the feast I’ve prepared for you.

    We have come from the nearest and farthest lands,
    gathered around your table, at the feast of the kingdom.

    Bread of heaven is the food that is offered here,
    bread now become your body,
    which cause for eternal life,

    Living bread that the Father has giv’n to us,
    food for our Paschal feasting,
    sign of promise renewed once more.

  • Take And Eat, Take And Eat

    Take and eat, take and eat: this is my body
    given up for you Take and drink; take and drink:
    this is my blood given up for you.

    I am the Word that spoke and light was made;
    I am the seed that died to be re-born;
    I am the bread that comes from heaven above;
    I am the vine that fills your cup with joy.

    I am the way that leads the exile home;
    I am the truth that sets the captive free;
    I am the life that raises up the dead;
    I am your peace, true peace my gift to you.

    I am the Lamb that takes away your sin;
    I am the gate that guards you night and day;
    You are my flock you know the shepherd’s voice;
    You are my own, your ransom is my blood.

  • Lord, You Are My Everything

    Lord you are my everything, lord you are
    my friend. In this bread, you promise me
    life that has no end.

    Come, my strength, my Bread of life; hold me
    in your sway. Fill me with your presence, Lord;
    guide me on my way.

    Come, my Way, my truth, my life; show me
    how to live. Clear the storms that cloud my path;
    Teach me to forgive.