How To Make My 40 Days Of Lent Meaningful

a meaningful lent

Every year we go through this Lenten Season and how many times have I asked myself, “How to make my 40 days of Lent meaningful? Once, Twice or never.! Or simply just followed for the sake of following as a Catholic because the church says us to do! We know Lenten Season to be 40 … Read more

Existence of God – What proves it?

God the father

Sometimes there can be several doubts on the existence of God. Is He really there? What about those people who say there is no God? And I have nothing to answer! In every religion, we see people with such devotion and belief towards the Supreme Being? From where does such belief comes from? I see … Read more

What does religion mean

what is religion

What does religion mean? Let’s see first what google says to what is the meaning of religion? According to wiki and google religion is a belief. It is a particular system of faith and worship. Or interest followed by a great devotion of a superhuman controlling power or a God . Some say, religion to … Read more