Where There Is Love

Where there is love, there is God. The loveof God has gathered us together; Alleluia. Love is patient, love is kind, never jealous,never proud, never seeking oneself.Love never leads to anger. Love is gracious and forgiving, takingno delight in wrong; love rejoices in the truth;love will endure. Many things will pass away. There are but … Read more

With You As My Guide

With you as my guide, I’ll not want:you are my shepherd, Lord, nothing shall I fear. In pastures fresh and green, you give my soul repose;near cool and restful waters, my spirit you revive. In vales of gloom and death, no evil shall I dread,Your strength and peaceful presencewill be my comfort sure. A banquet … Read more

Without Him

Without him, I can do nothingwithout him, I’d surely fail, without him,I would be drifting, like a ship without a sail.But with him, I can do all thingsand with him, I cannot fail, and over thestormiest ocean, in perfect peace, I’ll sail. To be like Jesus, [2] all I ask: to be like him;all through … Read more

We Hail Thee

We hail thee, Saviour and Lord,thy cross ever be adored. O Cross, thou art the fountainof love and of liberty; shine down uponthe millions who search for the light of truth. Look down upon the needy,confirm them in strength and grace; thou art ourtrue salvation, in thee all our hope we place. Be thou our … Read more