Five Thousand People

Five thousand people near Galilee’s lake
ate bread and fish that Jesus had given;
then on the morrow, Jesus proclaimed:
he was the bread from heaven.

Take and eat, this is indeed my flesh,
take and drink, this is indeed my blood;
what I have done, now you too must do;
all to remember me.

If you my people eat of this bread,
you shall have life that never will end;
this bread, my flesh I give to the world,
life of its soul I tend.

Many disciples left Jesus’ side,
would not believe the truth they had heard;
but the apostles with Peter’s faith,
stood by our Lord’s own word.

Paul the apostle wrote that the Lord,
took bread and wine, gave thanks, then he said:
“Take, eat and drink my body and blood,
in remembrance of me.”

Jesus, good Lord, we trust in your word,
and in the Mass we use bread and wine;
then with your words, your body and blood,
fill us with life divine.

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