Jesus, Thou Art Coming

Jesus, thou art coming, holy as thou art,
thou the God who made me, to my sinful heart.
Jesus, I believe it, on thy only word;
kneeling I adore thee, as my King and Lord.

Who am I, my Jesus, that thou com’ st to me?
I have sinned against thee, often grievously,
I am very sorry I have caused thee pain.
I will never, never, wound thy heart again.

Put thy arms around me, feeble as I am;
thou art my Good Shepherd, I, thy little lamb;
since thou comest, Jesus, now to be my guest,
I can trust thee always, Lord, for all the rest.

Dearest Lord, I love thee, with my whole heart,
not for what thou givest, but for what thou art.
Come, O come, sweet Saviour, come to me, and stay,
for I want thee, Jesus, more than I can say.

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