Sing Out Earth And Skies

Come, O God of all the earth: come to us,
O Righteous One; come, and bring our love
to birth: in the glory of your Son.

Sing out, earth and skies. Sing of the God
who loves you. Raise your joyful cries.
Dance to the life around you.

Come, O God of wind and flame: fill the
earth with righteousness; teach us all to sing
your name: may our lives your love confess.

Come, O God of flashing light: twinkling star
and burning sun; God of day and God of night:
in your light we all are one.

Come, O God of snow and rain: shower down
upon the earth; come, O God of joy and pain:
God of sorrow, God of mirth.

Come, O Justice, come, O Peace: come and shape
our hearts anew; come and make oppression cease:
bring us all to life in you.

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