Come To Me And Eat

Come to me and eat, you shall be
hungry no more. Come to me and drink,
you shall be thirsty no more.

“All of you who weary and overburdened come to me
and I will give you rest. My law of love is easier and
lighter; follow it and you will find for your soul.”

Yes, his burden is light.{2}
In him, our soul find rest.{2}

“You are worried and trouble over so many things. I wish
you would welcome me in all simplicity. Do you know that
one thing only is needed? Mary has chosen the best part
and it will not be taken away from her.”

Come and sit at his feet{2}
and listen to his word.{2}

“From the time you drink, you never stop being thirsty. But
whoever drinks the water that I give today will never be
thirsty again. Do not run after idols and perishable things
that do not bring happiness, God is Spirit and those who
worship him, can only worship in spirit and in reality.”

If you seek, you will find{2}
the water of true life.{2}

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