Cross Of Our Saviour King

O Cross, erected above the world,Cross of our Saviour King. [2]Fount from which gushed the watersstraight from the wound in his side.filling our lives with his gift of grace,Cross of our Saviour King. O Cross, sublime and refulgent tree,Cross of our Saviour King. [2]Jesus, through thee, has saved us;great was the price that he paid.Thou … Read more

What a joy - Catholic Mass Song She...
What a joy - Catholic Mass Song Sheet Music

Coming Home

I’ve wandered far away from God,now I’m coming home. The paths of sintoo long I’ve trod Lord. I’m coming home. Coming home [2] never more to roam.Open wide Thine arms of love,Lord, I’m coming home. I’ve wasted many precious years,now I’m coming home. I now repentwith bitter tears, Lord, I’m coming home.

Children Run Joyfully

Children run joyfully, Jesus is born.Tell all the mountains to sing.Pray to our Father in heaven this day:thank you, for Jesus is born. Shepherds stood watching, keeping their sheep,and suddenly angels appeared.“Don’t be afraid. We bring you great joy:Your Saviour is born this night.” “And this will be a sign to you:the baby will lie … Read more

Come To Set Us Free

Come to set us free, come to make us your own.Come to show the way to your people, yourchosen. Open our lives to the light of yourpromise. Come to our hearts with healing,come to our minds with power,come to us and bring us your life. You are light which shines in darkness,Morning start which never … Read more