Come To The Table Of The Lord

Come to the table of the Lord. Receive his
Sacrament adored. He gives us grace in copious
flood. Receive the Lord, his body and blood.

Come, all in labour, sorrow and pain. Come to the
Lord your strength to gain. He will refresh you with
his might, his yoke is sweet, his burden light.

Come all you faithful in his name, come all you
rich and poor the same, come and receive what
none can afford the precious body of the Lord.

“He who receives the holy bread, I will give life.”
the Saviour said, “I will sustain you in your need,
my flesh and blood are food indeed.”

O what a gift the Lord has made, how can his
goodness be repaid. He became flesh from heaven
above, now gives to us this gift of love.

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