Where There Is Love

Where there is love, there is God. The loveof God has gathered us together; Alleluia. Love is patient, love is kind, never jealous,never proud, never seeking oneself.Love never leads to anger. Love is gracious and forgiving, takingno delight in wrong; love rejoices in the truth;love will endure. Many things will pass away. There are but … Read more

Here is Love

Here is love vast as the ocean | Loving kindnessas the flood | when the Prince of Life our ransomshed for us his precious blood. Who his love will not remember? Who can ceaseto sing his praise? He will never be forgottenthroughout Heaven’s eternal days. On the mount of crucifixion | fountains openeddeep and wide … Read more

The Deep Love Of Jesus

O the deep, deep love Jesus!Vast, unmeasured boundless free.Rolling as a mighty ocean in its fullness over me.Underneath me, all around me,is the current of thy love.Leading onward, leading homeward,to my glorious rest above. O the deep, deep love of Jesus!Spread his praise from shore to shore.How he loveth, ever loveth changeth never, nevermore.How he … Read more