Be Born In Us

Be born in us, Incarnate Love. [2]take our flesh and blood and give us your humanity. Take our eyes and give us your vision;Take our minds and give us your pure thought. Take our feet and set them in your path;take our hands and fold them in your prayer. Take our hearts and give them … Read more

Bestir Thy Power

Bestir thy power and come, Lord!To save our sin-laden race; reveal thy bountyand goodness, diffuse thy splendour and grace. Lift your eyes to the hill, seek the Saviouruntil he appears. It is God who comes to our aid;God incarnate our ransom has paid. From the Lord comes release, he makes evilto cease all around. Night … Read more

Bread That Was Sown

holy communion

Bread that was sown in our hills and valleys, now harvested, becomes one. From all the world gather your people, O God, into the feast of your Love. With grateful hearts, we sing our joy for knowing Spirit within, among us all; life and knowledge revealed through your word Jesus the Christ, Emmanuel. Leaven and … Read more