We Hail Thee

We hail thee, Saviour and Lord,thy cross ever be adored. O Cross, thou art the fountainof love and of liberty; shine down uponthe millions who search for the light of truth. Look down upon the needy,confirm them in strength and grace; thou art ourtrue salvation, in thee all our hope we place. Be thou our … Read more

Near The Cross

Jesus, keep me near the cross, therea precious fountain Free to all, a healing stream,flows from Calvary’s mountain. In the cross, in the cross,be my glory ever; till my raptured soulshall find rest beyond the river. Near the cross, a trembling soul, loveand mercy found me; there the Brightand Morning Star sheds its beams around … Read more

Faithful Cross

Faithful Cross above all othersone and only noble tree; none in foliage,none in blossom, none in fruit thy peer can be.Blessed wood and blessed nailstender weight is hung on thee. When God’s time had come to fullnessJesus Christ was born for us. All his Godheadhe surrendered, he became as one of us.Child was he of … Read more