Draw Near To God

Draw near to God and he’ll draw near to you. [ 2 ]He’ll draw near to you. Lift up holy hands to him and glorify his name.Open up your heart to him and praise him for his deeds. Humbly give yourself to him and fight the evil one.Realize your worthlessness: the Lord will raise you … Read more

Enter The House Of The Lord - Catho...
Enter The House Of The Lord - Catholic Mass Song Sheet Music

Lead Your Children, Jesus

Lead your children, Jesus, to the altar.Lead your children, Jesus, here we come.Our hearts are filled with love.Our lips are filled with song.Lead your children, Jesus, here we come. Lead your children, Jesus, to the altar.Lead your children, Jesus, here we come.We know you love us all.We know you call us friends.Lead your children, Jesus, … Read more

Come On And Celebrate

Come on and celebrate,his gift of love we will celebrate,the Son of God who loved us and gave us life.We’ll shout your praise, O King,you give us joy nothing else can bring,we’ll give to you our offering in celebration praise. Come on and celebrate,celebrate, celebrate and sing,celebrate and sing to the King. [ 2 ] … Read more

All Things Are Thine

Mass Hymn

All things are thine, O Lord: we offer thee what we receive from thy hand. Blessed art thou, O Lord, Israel’s God, for all ages. Thine is the power and glory and splendour. Thou art the ruler, Lord, over the earth and the heavens, only the hand gives greatness and strengthens. Therefore this day, O … Read more

O God, Thy People Gather

Mass Hymn

O God, thy people gather, obedient to thy word, around thy holy altar to praise thy name, O Lord; for all thy loving kindness our grateful hearts we raise; but pardon first the blindness of all our sinful ways. Thou art our loving Father, thou art our holiest Lord, but we have sinned against thee … Read more