Glory Be To Jesus

Glory be to Jesus, who, in bitter pains,poured for me the life-blood From his sacred veins. Grace and life eternal in that blood I find:blest be his compassion, infinitely kind. Blest through endless ages be the precious streams,which, from endless torment, doth the world redeem. Abel’s blood for vengeance pleaded to the skies,but the blood … Read more

Give Me Thy Heart

“Give me thy heart,” says the Father above.No gift so precious to Him as our love;softly he whispers wherever thou art:“Gratefully trust me and give me thy heart.” “Give me thy heart, give me thy heart.”Hear the soft whisper, wherever thou art;from this dark world, he would draw thee apartspeaking so tenderly, “Give me thy … Read more

Go Up to The Mountain

Go up to the mountain, joyful, bearer of good news, shout with a full voice, our God is near. Those who hope in the Lord find theirstrength renewed, they soar like an eagle,like an eagle they fly. Those who hope in the Lord, never grow wearyand never lose heart, should they run or walk. See, … Read more