Every Valley

Every valley shall be exalted and everyhill made low. And all God’s peopleshall see together the glory of the Lord. A voice cries out in the wilderness,“Prepare the way of the Lord, Make straightin the desert a highway, a highway for our God.” Comfort all my people. The time for war is gone.The blind shall … Read more

Come To Set Us Free

Come to set us free, come to make us your own.Come to show the way to your people, yourchosen. Open our lives to the light of yourpromise. Come to our hearts with healing,come to our minds with power,come to us and bring us your life. You are light which shines in darkness,Morning start which never … Read more

Be Born In Us

Be born in us, Incarnate Love. [2]take our flesh and blood and give us your humanity. Take our eyes and give us your vision;Take our minds and give us your pure thought. Take our feet and set them in your path;take our hands and fold them in your prayer. Take our hearts and give them … Read more

Enter In The Wilderness

Enter in the wilderness, the Lord is coming,in the desert make the highway straight.Every valley shall be lifted up before him,every mountain levelled at his feet. God comes, run out to meet him;God comes, hurry to greet him; God comes,try to be ready, for the King is on his way, so… Christ comes, now we … Read more

Bestir Thy Power

Bestir thy power and come, Lord!To save our sin-laden race; reveal thy bountyand goodness, diffuse thy splendour and grace. Lift your eyes to the hill, seek the Saviouruntil he appears. It is God who comes to our aid;God incarnate our ransom has paid. From the Lord comes release, he makes evilto cease all around. Night … Read more


Emmanuel, Emmanuel, his name is calledEmmanuel. God with us, revealed in us,his name is called Emmanuel. Prepare the way, prepare the way,a voice cries out: “Prepare the way.”A desert voice, “Make straight his paths,”a voice cries out: “Prepare the way.” He brings good news, he brings good news,the Son of God, he brings good news.The … Read more

Open the Heavens

Open the heavens, Lord; come to your people.Hide not your face, O God.Open the heavens, Lord, come to your people.Open the heavens and come. Look on the sheep of your pasture, Lord.Water your vineyard again. Scattered and broken,return to our aid. Open the heavens and come. Wake, awake, O Israel; see your light has come.Rise … Read more

Waiting In Silence

Waiting in silence, waiting in hope;we are your people, we long for you, Lord.God ever with us, Emmanuel,come, Lord Jesus, Maranatha! Waiting in silence, waiting in hope;we are your people, we trust in your love.O Sun of Justice, true Prince of Peace,come with your justice, Lord, Maranatha! Waiting in silence, waiting in hope;we are your … Read more